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11. What should I do if the graduation certificate and transcript issued in my school is neither in Chinese nor in English?

Please translate the documents into Chinese or English and have them notarized or stamped.

12. Is there any format or content requirements of the recommendation letter and personal statement or study plan?

No typical format or content requirements. Recommendation letter need to be issued and signed by professors of the same research field as yours. The content of PS should include personal education experience, study objectives, hobbies, interests and so on.

13. I applied for Chinese taught programs, but my Chinese language13. ability is comparatively low, can I apply for the master program under the sponsor of CSC scholarship?

Yes. If your Chinese language ability does not meet the requirements of SDU, you will have Chinese language training in College of International Education of SDU for 1 to 2 years.

14. If I cannot submit the graduation certificate but pre-graduation letter when I made the application, should I submit the graduation certificate and diploma when I get admitted? Do I need to submit both documents? Do they need to be original copies?

If enrolled, you need to submit the certificate of academic degree. Please bring the original copies of graduation certificate and diploma when you come to SDU. If you fail the examination of the documents by SDU, the scholarship will be cancelled.

15. I have applied for Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program through SDU, can I also apply for scholarships through Chinese embassy or consulate in my country?


16. I have got the CSC scholarship from other university rather than SDU, can I transfer from the university to SDU?

No. SDU do not accept transfer students.

17. Can I make contact with my ideal supervisors in SDU in advance?

Yes. If you have an ideal supervisor and have already got the approval of him/her, you can attach the related documents or emails in the application documents. For the contact information of the supervisors, please refer to

18. Where should I send the application documents for Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program?

Address: C301, Mingde Building, Shandong University, 27 Shanda Nanlu, Jinan, P. R. China Post code: 250100 Tel: +86-(0)531-88364854

19. How can I check whether my application documents have arrived in SDU?

Please check online with the tracking ID of the parcel. When the parcel is signed for, you can send email to for confirmation. Please do not consult by phone.

20. Do I need acceptance letter or pre-admission notice issued by SDU to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program program?

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