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1. What’s the application period of Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program?

Between January to March. The application only opens once a year.

2. Is there anything that needs my attention when filling up the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship?

Please fill up “Agency Name” with “Shandong University” and choose the degree you want to get in the item of “Apply for” rather than the degree that you already gained.

3. Is there application fee for Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program?


4. I have applied for Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program through SDU, can I also apply for scholarships through Chinese embassy or consulate in my country?


5. I have got the CSC scholarship from other university rather than SDU, can I transfer from the university to SDU?

No. SDU do not accept transfer students.

6. If I have got the acceptance letter from a professor or a supervisor of SDU, does that mean that I have already got the scholarship?

No. Even if you got the acceptance letter, it dose not mean that you got the scholarship. The final result is subject to Admission Notice issued by International Admissions Office of SDU.

7. Chinese Language Courses-How to know the application result?

Applicants, please visit this website: to check the application result during June and July
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