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Visa or Residence Permit

1. How can I get a visa to China after being admitted to Shandong University?

Please go to Chinese embassy of your country to apply for study visa with your admission letter and JW201/202 form. You will get X2 visa if you study in China within 6 months and get X1 visa if you study in China more than 6 months

2. What should I do for my visa when I arrive in China?

You should apply for residence permit within 30 days after arriving in China. If you have X2 visa, there is no need to change it to other visa

3. What kind of materials do we need to change X1 visa to residence permit?

Please prepare admission letter (original), JW201/202 form (original), physical examination (original), original and copy of passport (including photo page, visa page and last entry seal page), and three photos. New students will be organized to go to immigration together by the international students office

4. Where can students apply for a visa or residence permit in SDU?

Students are required to apply at the Department of International Affairs (C302, Mingde Building) one month before the expiry of their visa or residence permit
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