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SDU Freshman Scholarship for International Students

SDU Freshman Scholarship for International Students is a scholarship program for  outstanding international freshmen. It provides support for international students to successfully complete their studies in Shandong University.


a.With Foreign nationality, holding a foreign passport, being friendly to China and being physically and mentally healthy.

b.Abiding by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government, behaving well and being in line with the admission conditions of Shandong University.

c.Learning diligently with good grades.

d.Other types of scholarships or grants are not available at the same time.

e.In addition, applicants have to confirm to the criteria as stated on:

2.Funding Instructions

Students who have received this type of Scholarship are required to pay their tuition fees and accommodation fees on time. The subsidy granted is in the form of Scholarships without any deduction of the tuition fees or accommodation fees.

3.Application time: February 1st to June 1st each year

4.Application Method:

Sending the Application PDF Form(Application Form for Shandong University Freshman Scholarship.doc) for SDU Freshman Scholarship for International Students to

* You are required to enroll through the online application system on 

5.Review: Publicizing the results of the initial award in June each year, and review the award-winning students’ qualifications.

6.Scholarship payment: Each year on November 30, scholarships will be awarded to awardees once a year.

7.Others: For scholarship students suffering from illness or other personal reasons who can not register on time, the qualifications of scholarships won’t be retained. If application materials are fraud and not real, scholarships will be withdrawn.

8.Where the scholarship recipients have one of the following circumstances, the next year’s scholarships will be canceled.

   a.Delay in paying tuition fees or any other appropriate fees without any reason.

   b.Receiving academic warning or withdrawal warning.

   c.Violating Chinese laws, regulations and school disciplines and being punished.

   d.Having conditions for which the scholarship review team considers not suitable to continue to be offered scholarships.

Contact:The Admissions Office, Department of International Affairs of Shandong University

Place:Room C301, Mingde Building, Shandong University, No. 27 Shanda South Road, Jinan, China.


Application Form for Shandong University Freshman Scholarship.doc

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